Agha Fasihullah

Agha is a highly accomplished and influential leader with a wealth of experience in storytelling, venture building, marketing and creative strategy.

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About Agha Fasihullah

Agha is a highly accomplished and influential leader with a wealth of experience in storytelling, creative strategy, and venture building. With over 18 years of experience working with some of the world's most renowned brands, Agha has garnered a reputation as a thought leader in the industry. His expertise spans the entire spectrum of business development, from ideation to scaling and beyond.

As a tech entrepreneur, Agha leverages his vast experience to build AI-based ecosystems that accelerate growth, funding, and business milestones for startups and scale-ups. He has helped numerous companies achieve their goals, using his extensive knowledge of growth hacking to develop highly effective marketing and sales strategies.

Agha is a corporate coach trained and certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and his adaptability and transformational leadership style have earned him multiple local and international awards. He serves on the award jury of ANA Reggie Awards USA, Effie Awards Pakistan, Stevie awards MENA, and actively promotes the importance of equality, inclusion and diversity in the workspace to leading blue chip orgranizations of the world.

Apart from his professional endeavors, Agha has a diverse range of interests, including music gadgets, reading, poetry writing, and running. He is a talented musician and a dedicated social worker, regularly volunteering his time and resources to social impact initiatives and diversity & inclusion causes.

Agha's qualities as a leader are unparalleled. He is a creative problem solver, strategic thinker, and effective communicator, capable of inspiring and guiding teams to achieve their full potential. He has a talent for identifying and nurturing talent, and has a keen eye for spotting opportunities for growth and development.

In addition to his extensive expertise in venture building and growth hacking, Agha is also a master storyteller, able to weave compelling narratives that captivate audiences and inspire action. His ability to craft stories that resonate with audiences has made him an invaluable asset to countless brands over the years.

Overall, Agha's reputation as a world-class leader and innovator is well deserved. His vast experience, coupled with his passion for creating a positive impact, make him an exceptional candidate for any venture looking to achieve lasting success."

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