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Whether it's harnessing the power of big data, leveraging the scalability of the cloud, or incorporating the intelligence of AI, we work closely with our partners to create customized solutions that meet their unique opportunities.

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Client Story.

We understand the need for Innovative digital banking solutions for Immigrants to be complemented with additional efforts for them to thrive in both new and existing communities. Metal is the link to your best life as an immigrant, enabling you to power your life with trackable investments, while your passive income supports the people at home.

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We love working with partners who are on a mission to change the world!

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“Highly recommended them”

We couldn’t have been happier working with Machinelab Encore at Metal. We launched a neo-bank and a fintech super app in USA in just 6 months with their help, and now entering into other markets. Machinelab Encore proved to be a great partner. They have great understanding of the business and offer an agile end-to-end platform.

Lola Client
Lola Eniolorunda
Partner, Seedle Partners

“An amazing team of professionals”

We embarked on the journey to digitize payment collection and transfer services across our stores at petrol stations and other locations. Machinelab Encore enabled us to enter into this business with their platform. Their platform is quite impressive and is being used by ENOC to offer various services to its customers.

Zacharie Client
Zacharie Ghoudane
Head of Zoom @ Enoc Retail

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We love working with partners who are on a mission to change the world!