Sep 27, 2023

Koen Vanderhoydonk: The Connector at the Nexus of Tomorrow's Finance

With a tech-forward approach and European finesse, Koen Vanderhoydonk rethinks banking's boundaries.

Koen Vanderhoydonk: The Connector at the Nexus of Tomorrow's Finance

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Sip your morning coffee, slide into your best power suit, and imagine trying to capture the spirit of the financial realm in just one person. You'd probably picture someone straight out of Wall Street: stern, traditional, maybe even a bit stuffy. But then there's Koen Vanderhoydonk. With 25 years under his belt, he might have the credentials of a classic banker, but Koen? He's more Silicon Valley cool with a Brussels twist, playfully shrugging off any 'old-timer' tags while redefining what modern finance looks and feels like.

With a rich career spanning nearly a quarter-century in the banking sector, Koen doesn’t necessarily fit the stereotype of a traditional finance executive. Some might label him an industry veteran, but he humorously dismisses that moniker.

"I'm still very much alive and kicking in an industry that never stops moving," Koen says with a chuckle. As he speaks, his narrative takes a delightful detour, reminiscing about a youthful fascination with engineering and technology. However, it's evident where his heart truly lies: in the marriage of technology and its human impact.

Koen's voice swells with nostalgia as he recounts his early years, “I was drawn to technology. But then I realised the vital missing component: human beings.” He embraced this epiphany wholeheartedly, shifting from his initial technical pursuits to become what he describes as an “instant human resources manager,” championing the merger of technology's potentials with their repercussions on humanity.

The world of finance beckoned next, a domain where Koen quickly recognized the transformative power banks held over individual lives and broader economic spheres. But for him, it wasn’t about the age-old structures. Instead, his fascination lay at the cusp of financial modernity. "Much of it was built on outdated technology, screaming 'legacy' at every turn," he observes. It's clear that Koen saw himself not just as a participant but as a changemaker in this evolving landscape. “The rise of Fintech and Regtech,” he explains, “ushered in a new era, replacing antiquated systems with modern innovation.”

This modern innovation is precisely where 'The Connector' comes into play, a venture that embodies Koen’s vision. "We understand the power of technology and its potential to revolutionize the finance sector," Koen stresses. It's about the synergy of financial institutions, scale-ups, and the ever-evolving global financial market.

The journey, as Koen paints it, is as vivid as it is influential. “For almost 15 years, I worked for Euroclear, collaborating with major European banks. It was exhilarating.” His trail then meandered through Binck Bank (now Saxo), which brought pivotal revelations about the essence of client relationships and regulatory compliance. "Compliance wasn't just a box to check; it could be transformed into a competitive advantage," he recalls.

The world of Regtech, in particular, caught Koen's imagination. Often perceived as a threat, he championed its transformative potential. "Regtech was a catalyst for collaborative thinking," he emphasizes. This passion was channeled into co-authoring two books on the subject, expanding the dialogue on the intersection of finance, regulations, and cutting-edge technology.

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Koen's multifaceted career, spanning from Euroclear to Blanco, has given him a panoramic view of the industry. Each stint has been a lesson, refining his understanding. Whether it was embracing growth hacking techniques at a startup like Blanco or understanding precision at Euroclear, every chapter added depth to his narrative.

But despite the variety of roles and companies, one constant emerged in Koen’s journey: the primacy of the customer. Challenges, he admits, were aplenty, but the North Star was always clear. “The customer always takes centre stage," Koen asserts, intertwining this focus with the ever-present regulatory landscape.

"When I reflect on the financial industry's trajectory," Koen begins, "I'm instantly reminded of 2008's crisis." It's a memory that's etched deep, a time when the world teetered, and financial institutions staggered. "We bailed out the banks," he remembers. This turning point set off a ripple effect, reshaping the very fabric of financial services with a barrage of new regulations.

Yet, according to Koen, there was a monumental oversight. "Banks underestimated the importance of technology investment," he observes. Legacy systems became stumbling blocks, with Fintechs emerging as the potential white knights. But their journey wasn't a fairy tale. "Many didn't succeed, but they paved the way for Regtech," Koen asserts, emphasising the move towards distributed trust, collaborative data-sharing, and the potential of breakthroughs like blockchain.

So where does Regtech fit into this mosaic? Koen's answer paints a vivid picture. "Regtech acts as the glue, melding legacy systems, regulations, and the dual imperatives of regulatory compliance and customer service," he details. He's quick to highlight a noteworthy trend: while traditional approaches saw banks ballooning their workforce, technology offers a sleeker, more efficient alternative. Koen’s enthusiasm is palpable as he speaks of the marvels of generative AI, like GPT. "Imagine handling unstructured data, understanding anti-money laundering schemes, and augmenting the role of compliance officers," he elucidates.

However, it's not just the promise of advanced technology that captures Koen's imagination; it's also the art of conversation. Enter "The Connector" podcast. This isn't your average financial discourse. It’s a pulsating hub of innovation. "We bring innovative companies to the forefront," Koen shares, shedding light on the podcast's ethos. And true to its name, it’s not just about talking but about connecting. "We bridge the gap between Fintech innovators and traditional financial institutions." This isn’t mere talk. Koen literally takes his show on the road, capturing discussions amid the energy of industry events.

Koen's global forays, especially through 'The Connector,' also grant him a unique vantage point. "Each region brings its own unique business dynamics," he reflects. But it's local insights that make all the difference. Using Singapore as an exemplar, he stresses the importance of being "immersed in the day-to-day community." It's here that 'The Connector' shines again, marrying global perspectives with unparalleled local expertise. "One day in the French market, the next in Germany," Koen describes, highlighting their fractionalized approach.

"Regional differences in finance and technology are evident," he notes, recounting the regulatory strides Europe took with the Green Deal and GDPR. And while Europe set standards, Koen's admiration is clear for the innovation strides in Asian markets and the hefty influence of US tech giants. "Each region," he muses, "has its place in this diverse world."

Diving into the perennial dance between traditional banking institutions and the dynamic force of Fintech, Koen presents an optimistic outlook. "Banks are reclaiming their position at the forefront," he asserts. Their evolutionary journey, from post-crisis survival to today's innovation embrace, paints a compelling portrait of an industry in flux. And for Koen, this isn't just a reactive shift. "They are now taking charge and leading the way," he proclaims with pride.

The conversation inevitably touches on the ethical realm, with sustainability being paramount. "How can a company not prioritize sustainability, both morally and financially?" Koen ponders. But he's acutely aware of the challenges startups face, as they grapple with measuring and implementing sustainability in real-time. He's optimistic, though: "I'm hopeful that technology and affordable solutions will emerge, enabling smaller companies to incorporate sustainability with ease."

Reflecting on his storied career, Koen distills leadership to a simple essence: human connections. "Business thrives on human connections," he states firmly. His emphasis on respect and mutual aid is a testament to his leadership philosophy, one that transcends sectors and industries. It's about people, the ultimate drivers of any enterprise.

For those looking to carve their niche in the banking, Fintech, or Regtech arenas, Koen has a sage piece of advice. He leans forward, sharing a profound notion that a mentor once bestowed upon him: "A bank sells time." This concept, he believes, is pivotal for understanding the foundational role financial systems play in our lives. "Embrace the opportunities," he advises, urging the next generation to harness the power of finance to its fullest potential.

Building on this foundation, Koen unveils his vision for 'The Connector.' "A trusted partner for financial institutions," he declares. His blueprint is clear, from providing a comprehensive system and robust tooling to fostering sustainability. And while efficient services and tooling are essential, Koen emphasizes genuine dialogues over aggressive sales strategies. "It's about understanding their needs and offering tailored solutions," he concludes.

Koen leaves me with a thought that captures his ethos, a lesson from a mentor at Binck Bank: understanding and embracing regulations is the key. It’s not about fighting them, but about leveraging them. And in that wisdom, one can glean the essence of Koen Vanderhoydonk: a collaborator, someone who bridges gaps between stakeholders, and brings them together.

And he has parting words for us all: “Join us on this exhilarating journey as we navigate the intersection of finance, technology, and human impact.”

Images courtesy of: Koen Vanderhoydonk, The Banking Scene

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