Shahjahan Chaudhary

Shahjahan is a tech investor, venture builder and activist for a fair planet. He was previously head of the National Incubation Center in Karachi. He now lives in Lisbon, hikes most mornings and swims in the Atlantic. He is torn between Oscar Wilde and Alvin Toffler as his favourite author.

Managing Partner

About Shahjahan Chaudhary

Shahjahan is a true trailblazer in the world of entrepreneurship, tech investment, and activism. With over two decades of experience, he has made a lasting impact in the industry through his successful investments in cutting-edge technology ventures.

From founding HOMEXPRESS, a premium direct-mail magazine, to establishing Team::ants, a leading digital and social agency, Shahjahan has consistently demonstrated his business acumen and leadership skills. His work at the National Incubation Center in Karachi has also helped launch over 100 startups in Pakistan, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the tech community.

Shahjahan's impressive accomplishments don't stop there. As Managing Partner of Machinelab Ventures (MLV), he is helping to revolutionize the fintech industry with a cutting-edge platform-as-a-service that's powering companies to make an impact and scale their operations. And in his position as leading International Partnerships & Growth for Arbisoft, he is helping to drive innovation and success for one of the fastest-growing software services companies in South East Asia.

Beyond his work at the NIC, Shahjahan has been a key player in the Pakistani tech ecosystem, serving on the boards of PeaceNiche (t2f) and the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA). His work at these organizations helped drive the creation of The Nest i/o, a technology incubator that has supported a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Throughout his career, Shahjahan has shown a deep passion for supporting and nurturing young entrepreneurs and new businesses. He believes that success is achieved through a willingness to learn and be open to new ideas, and consistently working on personal evolution. He inspires others to push boundaries and reach their full potential.

With his extensive experience and successful track record, Shahjahan is a trusted and respected leader in the business and tech communities in Pakistan and beyond. He is a true inspiration for anyone looking to make their mark in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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